Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm going to a Basketball game!

Other people also at basketball games.

That's right! I'm going to see my first NBA basketball game! Not only that, this is really the first time I'm going to sit and pay to watch people play basketball in front of me. Normally, I see it on the television or as I drive past a basketball court. Or drive past a television that has a basketball game on it. What do I expect?
  • Sweaty Men - Now, I've seen a game now and then on the TV and someone is ALWAYS sweating. I expect to see even MORE sweat in person. Maybe even puddles of it.
  • Expensive Beer
  • The Nets to Lose - If my brother has prepared me for anything. It's that the Nets aren't very good at basketball. Maybe they should all try playing Baseball like Michael Jordan. Basketball just might not be their sport.
  • To Be Excited then eventually Bored - This isn't a big game. I imagine it's like picking The Proposal as your first movie to watch. Except I won't get to see Ryan Reynolds.
  • To Make a New Friend - Naturally, I will pick the coolest looking player and immediately associate him with a George Clooney (read: charming) type fellow
I also can't wait to smell the Izod Center. I imagine it will be like a gym... but I bet it will stink a lot more. I am betting it is a foul smelling place.

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