Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Izod Center Did Not Smell

I really thought it would, too. In retrospect, I suppose I should have known better that the professional court might not smell like my middle school gym. Although it did seem to have a about the same amount of young Jewish Boys as the ol' gym. Looking back, I feel like the majority of the people around me were disappointed boys. Disappointed, obviously, because their home team was losing. The Team they got all classed up to see, their Father's spending all that money so they could watch the Nets fumble around up close. The father-son quality time spoiling in the silence of the car ride home. Or being that the Nets have only won like eight or so games, they all got what they expected and learned an important lesson about... I dunno, athletic teams not being very good even when you pay to see the games.
So, yeah, they lost by 30 points or something. Which is like the equivalent of losing like by, I dunno, three points in soccer. In case off the cuff soccer/basketball comparisons help you out, you know?
Easily the best part of the game was the half-time show, where a bunch of kids played each other. Those kids were FIERCE. As the clock ran out they were all smashing into each other. A bunch of 'em even scored points. They were all white, so it was like a bunch of tiny Larry Bird's were running around. Because, as we all know, he's the only white player.
I was really hoping to have made a Best Friend at the game. But to be honest, no one was really "bringing it" and there was very little "hustle" so I really wasn't feeling any of the players. HOWEVER, I have a lot to say about the Glorious 1 (One). But that man deserves a post of his own.
The majority of Tuesday's crowd.

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